Monday, July 21, 2008

Accepting the Invitation

I'm thrilled to accept the invitation to post on the Oak Tree Press blog. I'm not an OTP author, but I am a good friend of the publisher. We've shared some wonderful conversations together.

Today I once again went through my soon-to-be published book, Kindred Spirits, and even though I paid someone to edit it, going through it one last time I found a few more errors. On Saturday, I gave a presentation to a writers group at a bookstore on self-editing. After talking about all the errors I've seen writers make (including myself), even though my book is already with the publisher I decided I'd better check it one last time. Good thing I did because I found repeated words, missing words, and unidentified pronouns. Not a lot--but enough to make me glad I went through it one last time.

This particular book is important to me because though it's a mystery there's a lot about the Tolowa people in it. This is a tribe situated in the the very north-western corner of California--a tribe that was very nearly wiped out. It's also a tribe that is not recognized because according to President Eisenhower, there weren't enough of them.

My book launching will be in Crescent City where I met my first Tolowa woman, Junie Mattice. She has such a dynamic spirit, she is represented by two female characters in my book. While listening to her talk about her people and the injustices that they suffer, I knew I had to write a book about them.

While we were visiting, I felt she was a kindred spirit. When I met Billie Johnson, I knew right away she was another.

Though Kindred Spirits
is a Deputy Tempe Crabtree murder mystery, I hope that it will cause people to wonder about the Tolowa.


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BillieJohn said...

Thanks, Marilyn, for your post and your kind words! Come back often.