Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Newbie

Thanks so much for the invite to post on the Oak Tree Press Blog. This is my first time blogging, my fist book, Lake Meade, is about to be published by Oak Tree Press and I'm just learning the ropes on how to market a book...so many new happenings!

Lake Meade won Oak Trees Timeless Love romance contest and should be making its debut in the near future. Lake Meade is set in a rural town on the eastern shore of Maryland and opens with the two main characters rediscovering each other after fifteen years apart. Now in their early thirties, Maggie is a single mother who has turned her family's once struggling farm into a profitable B&B and Jack is a dissolusioned architect who has been living in New York City and returns to the lake with the intention of selling his parent's vacation home there. Jack is surprised to find that the charming lake house still has a hold over him, and that Maggie does as well.

But Jack isn't back in Lake Meade long before the bones of long dead boy emerge from the drought ravaged lake and the clues to his death lead right to Maggie's door. Maggie must discover who the real killer is before she, or one of her family, is arrested for the murder - or her own son becomes the next victim.

The setting for Lake Meade was inspired by my own childhood visits to my aunt and uncle's farm in Chestertown, Maryland, and the plot weaves around my observations of how gossip and inuendo in a small town can affect a person's life...and of course how love can redeam all.

Thanks for the opportunity to write my fist blog, looking forward to whatever new firsts are around the corner. Heather Mosko


BillieJohn said...

Heather...great post! Thanks for doing it and come back often.

Marilyn said...

The book sounds intriguing. My husband grew up in Cambridge MD on the Eastern Shore. I lived there a couple of times and I can attest to the gossip that goes on. Was also there during Hurricane Isabel and got stranded, unable to go to any of the book events I had planned.

Best of luck with your book.