Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Boston Possibilities...It's All Good

There's a good chance I might be heading to Boston shortly after the PROSE IN THE PARK conference in September. My friend who has been on an extended visit there would like me to drive her elderly mother to Boston for a family visit.

To be honest, I was looking at the couple of weeks after the conference as a time I could indulge in some personal favorite of the 7 Deadly Sins. Things at OTP have been rolling at a frenetic pace since mid-June, which is great IMHO, but still needs to be counter-balanced with some good old-fashioned sloth from time to time.

Years ago, a very wise person told me "a change of work is the best relaxation" and I have found this to be true, so with that in mind I am checking into what possibilities may exist for some OTP promo in the Boston suburb of Waltham.

For starters. Joe Nowlan calls that area home, and Patricia Sheehy is not too far away in Connecticut. Anne White is in upstate NY, and Monti Sikes, Gus Cileone and Heather Mosko are also easterly situated. So we will see how this shakes out.

This got me to thinking, however, how important it is to look for the promotional opportunity in everything. It's not that you have to behave like an obnoxious network marketing's just to be aware that possibilities show themselves often...and being ready to captitalize upon them to introduce our books to readers is what it's all about.

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Marilyn said...

Billie, I would definitely look for ways to promote if it were me taking that trip.

I'm going to add a post about promotion, but this is too good an opportunity for you to pass up.