Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Last Time I Saw Sedona I Went Shopping

Summer 2007 was the last time I visited Sedona, and it was an exciting experience. As soon as we arrived outside the resort, I discovered a bronze eagle that looked like the one I imagined flying high over the desert in my book, Eagle Rising. That same day we found a beautiful Chico's in the upscale Pinot Pointe Mall. Although I had no intention of buying anything, I went in to look. A dark narrow skirt with an Indian-look fringe caught my eye, and I had to try it on. Then I spotted a bright orange Tee that was perfect with the skirt. I found two pairs of crop pants in prints I couldn't resist and more Tees. But the most marvelous find of my shopping career (grin) came when I espied a belt hanging from a sales rack mid-store. It was the most gorgeous accent piece I had ever seen--three bright beaded medallions highlighting a heavy chain belt. The belt decorating the orange Tee and the fringed skirt would be the perfect outfit to wear for book signings once Eagle Rising was released by my publisher. So much of my novel centers around Indian lore that the look was perfect and made the point I often emphasize--dress the part. My new outfit would show a little of what my book was about. I wasn't going shopping; I didn't need any clothes. But I did need a signing outfit for my new book. Thank you Chico's!


BillieJohn said...

Anyone who want to see the oufit Monti described should go to http://oaktreebooks.com/prose_in_the_park_2007__photo_a.htm

Too bad the podium blocks the view of that belt...it's gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

I just loved this blog. A favorite outfit of mine is a beautiful Indian skirt of multicolors that I wear with a lovely black blouse made in India, worn over the top of the skirt.

I bought this outfit to go to the last Grateful Dead concert in Florida not long before Jerry Garcia died.

My husband and I went with our oldest son and his friends and our youngest son and his girlfriend (the daughter we never had). It was a true lovefest - a renaisance style gathering with a 60s hippy flavor with strangers setting out bowls of water for other people's puppies. There were no strangers there.

That was such a memorable day for me and I have a great photo of Scott standing in between Christy and me. On the back of the picture he wrote "me with my two favorite women." Of course if you look at the picture you'll see him leaning into me with his head against mine and his arm around me and his other hand holding Christy's. As much as he loved Christy it was always clear who his real #1 woman was. That feeling and memory gets me through a lot of bleak days since his death.

So back to that wonderful outfit with the beautiful belt. I have a speaking engagement coming up in October. It's a Meet and Greet anti-drug symposium and I'll be one of the featured speakers.

I had been wondering what to wear until I read "Last Time I Saw Sedona I Went Shopping." I don't want to dress all in black or wear sack cloth and ashes but rather I want to celebrate my son's brief life, so I will wear my Indian/hippy skirt with the black Indian top and feel his love and warmth as I speak to a room full of people who share my passion about anti-drug education.

If I run out of things to say at the conference (doubtful!!!) I can always tell the story of what I'm wearing.

Sheryl Letzgus McGinni - I'm listed as Anonymous here because I can't remember my password. LOL

Anonymous said...

oops - I can't even get my name right. The last name is Mcginnis, not McGinni.

Anonymous said...

Well I've started off my first blog here with a bang! Misspelled the word renaissance and then mentioned that strangers set out bowls of water for puppies and then go on to say there were no strangers there.
I'll tell you who is strange...it's me!! But having just gone through a bit of a rough time with Tropical Storm Fay here in Florida perhaps I'll be forgive for being bone weary. Time for bed. My brain needs a break!

Anonymous said...

LOL I really need to proofread before I submit. So I meant to say "forgiven" not forgive.

I hope I'm allowed to post again. :-)