Saturday, August 16, 2008

More on Promotion

If you read the comment I made to Billie's post, I'd definitely promote. I promote whenever and wherever I can.

Do I ever get burned out? Sometimes when I'm at a book fair or craft festival, I get tired of standing up and smiling at everyone and might take a short break and sit--but even then I keep on smiling and trying to make eye contact. Recently, I did far better selling at an art festival than any of the arts and crafts persons (not as well as the food vendors who always do the best). The reason? I didn't remain seated behind my table and only talk to other vendors. One person who bought two of my books told me I was the only friendly vendor at the festival and that's why she was buying from me. That proves my point.

Something else I learned at that festival, if it's an outdoor festival and they say you don't need to bring anything, to be on the safe side take along a table, chairs and shelter of some sort. At this last art festival I was told I didn't need anything and that was wrong information. We had chairs in the car, but nothing else. I borrowed a card table from someone I knew at the event and fortunately my spot was under a tree. By moving things around periodically, I stayed in the shade. At any of these events, alwasy bring change. I also have a notebook where I keep track of what I sell. A guestbook is displayed for people to sign up for my ebook maillist. If you'd like to received it just email me at with Newsletter in the Subject. You can tell me you want off at any time.

I hope you are all signing up for Oak Tree's writing conference as I'm going to be there--and I'd like to meet you.


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