Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Here I am Again

Don't want to be a blog hog, but--

The fall issue of the Public Safety Writers Association (PSWA) is now available on the website:

The website also contains information about the writing contest–be sure to read the article in the newsletter written by the contest chairperson–and the PSWA conference coming in July of 2009. There is an early-bird price break on the registration fee until September 30. I hope a lot of you will take advantage of this.

I’ve been a member of PSWA for over ten years and watched it evolve into an organization with great resources for anyone writing either fiction (mysteries, thrillers, etc.) or non-fiction about crime, law enforcement or any other public safety entity.

I’d be glad to answer questions about the conference or the organization either on list or off:


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BillieJohn said...

The PSWA conference is one I can vouch for...I've attended three years in a row and am planning for 2009 also. Lots of talent packed into an intimate group and the fun city of Vegas waits to entertain in the evenings. I recommend it to everyone, especially crime writers.