Friday, September 19, 2008

I wrote a script at the urging of my agent and against my better judgment and then shopped it around on InkTip, a sort of dating site for writers and producers. One producer asked me to send the script, but I haven’t heard anything yet. Even if I don’t sell the script, the experience has been worth the effort. In a recent InkTip Newsletter, Bradford R. Youngs described what led to his latest project: "My wife told me that all my projects were action thrillers, with no films you could really take the family to see. So I sat down with my six-year-old daughter and asked her what sort of movie she'd like to see, and she said ‘how about a story about a dog sent from Grandpa in heaven?' I pitched the idea to Jan Militello, who knocked out three drafts in just a little over a month!” A dog sent from Grandpa in Heaven. Who knew seven words could be pitched? Then I saw another producer seeking a “high concept action/thriller or action/comedy screenplays. Please note that a high concept script should have a strong hook and shouldn't have an overly complex plot. In addition to these elements, if your story cannot be described in one short simple sentence, it is not high concept.” The most difficult writing I’ve ever done was to write a one-page abstract of a 75,000 word book. I guess I’m a low-concept guy.

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