Friday, September 19, 2008


It has taken me a while to post here, and I had an amazing amount of trouble- all my own fault. But I'm really excited to be posting on the blog and receiving the newsletter.

I am a virgin to publishing, my novel Gumbo Justice scheduled for the end of summer '09 or early fall '09, so I think have enough time to learn the things I need to know by the time it comes out. The newsletter is particularly helpful to me. For instance, today I learned what an ARC was.

I also enjoy reading the blogs of other writers, many who have quite impressive writing resumes. It's pretty awesome posting on the same blog as some of the other writers!

I am going to try to add my new blog to the list of other blogs, but only technology will tell if I am capable. I should have time to figure it out, as I currently am immobile due to a head-on collision with a drunk driver in early June. I should be walking again by the end of the year, but until then I have an abundance of computer time. Also on the plus side, the experience has given me insight for another novel.

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