Monday, September 1, 2008

Putting in Another Two Cents

Not going to take up too much time here. I've been spending most of the day watching Gustave.

We experienced Hurricane Isabel when we were visiting the Eastern Shore of Maryland. We were staying at relatives who have a house situated back from the bay with their lawn, the road, and short expanse of grass and a small dock (which disappeared after Isabel.)

Of course we lost electricity. When we woke in the morning the whole house was surrounded with water and our rental car was floating. A neighbor tied it to the porch because when the tide went out the car would've gone too.

People went up and down the road in boats. Kids swam in the water. The water didn't go down until afternoon. That evening Hertz brought us another car and took the other one away.

Much too exciting! I can't imagine living where you have threats of hurricanes every summer. I'll take a good old earthquake anytime.

I received two interesting comments about my Deputy Tempe Crabtree mystery series via email this weekend. One bad one good. I blogged about this on Marilyn's Musings.



BillieJohn said...

This part of Central IL where I am now is often called Tornado Alley. In fact, the basketball and football teams at our high school are called the Tornadoes. This spring we had one warning after another. When people find out I used to live in Los Angeles, the first question often is whether I'd choose a tornado over an earthquake...and I always say I'll take the earthquakes...mostly because the process of being warned, waiting, watching the sky change to wild colors, the trees be whipped around...all that is really nerve-wracking. Earthquakes are like yanking off a band-aid...they hit fast with no warning, then they end, you pick up the pieces and move on.

Of course, my first pick would be sunny days and smooth sailing and NONE of Mother Nature's wrath!

Holli Castillo said...

Living in the New Orleans metropolitan area, many people here have bought hurricane evacuation houses out of state since Katrina. Although I do have to say that riding out storms has been pretty exciting and provides fodder for story ideas.

Since I have 2 small children, we now have an evacuation house in the hills of northern Alabama, which is so completely different from N.O. that it also provides inspiration for writing. have to admit it is nerve wracking when the TV stations here spends 24 hours a day tracking the storm while we decide if we need to leave or not, but it's all in the adventure. (And I think we spend too much time here worrying about the crime to really worry about the weather.)