Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Veterans Awards Ceremony

Recently, I was invited by NY State Senator Serf Maltese to attend the 15th annual Veterans Awards Ceremony, a patriotic tribute to distinguished veterans in the NYC area. Since I have been active in veterans' affairs I knew that Senator Maltese was on the Veterans, Homeland Security and Military Affairs Committee, but I was not aware that he's also the Chairman of the Senate Special Committee on The Arts and Cultural Affairs. Conversely, Senator Maltese was not aware that I am an OTP author...

The upshot here is that the Senator has graciously made arrangements for me to set up a table in the reception area where I will be able to sign and sell books, and he's also decided to give me mike time at the podium during the actual ceremony.

I'd like to think the reason I'm getting this access is that I'm a silver-tongued salesman, but the reality is that it's for a good cause: The contributing authors of Scurvy Dogs, Green Water and Gunsmoke: 50 Years in US Navy Destroyers (OTP 2008) are donating all of our royalties to the Navy- Marine Corps Relief Society in honor of a young Marine, the nephew of a Scurvy Dog, who was killed in Iraq.

Bob Cohen

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