Monday, October 27, 2008

From Norm Maher: The book’s out. Now what?

Promote it!. Here’s what I’m doing for my slick crime caper, Easy
Money by Norm Maher

The Internet
1. I have a publisher at Oak Tree Press who can make it turn
somersaults. She handled all the tags and links so anyone can hit
Amazon or Barnes and Noble Books to find Easy Money.
2. I ‘m on You Tube with a minute commercial which is pretty sweet.

1. Made a cover sheet and bookmarks for a release to all the local
media (newspapers, tv and radio) inviting them to review the book.
Noted that the crime was in a local area and I’m a local author.
2. Will also send a release to several publications such as the
military, advertising, chain store news, etc. All the places with
books for sale.

Book Signings
1. Set up a book signing at our largest bookstore with literature and a
sign. Plan to get to more stores and then spread out to a 50 to 100
mile area.
2. Before the signing, will send out another release inviting the media
to meet the local author.

Person to Person
1. Called the main library to buy books for all the branches.
2. Sent books to friends and relatives asking for reviews to Amazon
and BN. My sister, in NYC, for example will push the books at the
Mystery Book Store.

A Christmas Tale
Our Christmas party this year will feature the book. so it’ll be a
launch party as well.

The above is for starters. Plan to do much more..

Finally I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the OTP publisher,,
Billie Johnson, who gives all kinds of tips and ideas for book
promotions in her newsletter the Colophon. Ask for copies.

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