Saturday, November 22, 2008

Let's Talk About Videos

A couple of years ago, the video book trailer became all the rage, and YouTube filled up with vids ranging from slick professional jobs by the big houses to wobbly, choppy entries that were painful to watch.

On a wintry Sunday afternoon last year, I started fiddling with the moviemaker application that came with Vista on my laptop. These are painful to watch also! However, sometime after that, Patricia Sheehy turned me on to, and I was off to the races!

One of my first criticisms of book vids was that many of them are way too long. My idea was to keep them more the length of a TV commercial break...a max of 60-90 seconds.

Here are some links to OTP authors whose titles are "in the movies" The Poetry of Murder by Bernadette Steele, Field of Destiny by Patricia Sheehy, Easy Money by Norm Maher, The Last Stop by Alan Bower, Calling the Dead by Marilyn Meredith, Fools Rush In by Sunny Frazier, Las Vegas and the Mob Denny Girffin. Here are a couple of 'works in progress' for our imprints Dark Oak Mysteries and Timeless Love. Here's a couple of personal ones, for local events where I like spending some R&R time, Taylorville Garden Walk and Christmas in the Park and here's our family reunion from last June...that handsome guy is my dad! This one would have been so much more fun if Animoto had the theme from Deliverance as one of the music choices!

Do book vids boost sales? Who can say for sure, but I see them as another link in the chain...that "get the word out" chain.

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