Friday, October 3, 2008

Participating on Blogs

Every author published by Oak Tree Press ought to be blogging here. The more a blog changes, the more apt it is to have visitors. I know it takes a lot of time--I have several blogs that I try to post to as often as possible.

At the moment I'm on a blog tour for a book of mine that was recently published. To make sure people at least look at the different blogs I have to keep posting the blog spots. It's already helped because the Amazon numbers have been going down. That's a good thing, by the way.

This is not all I do with my time--I cooked, cleaned a bathroom, washed the covers on my living room furniture, took care of the regular mail and email, did other laundry and I watched a movie.

Since I have a book to finish and another to plan, I'll be getting busy with those soon.

Tomorrow I'm going to the San Joaquin chapter of Sisters in Crime and later that evening, a party--so I'll more or less be taking the day off.


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BillieJohn said...

Thanks Marilyn, for your post. It's true the blog needs to stay fresh. I've set up stat-watchers and can see what happens to traffic when there is a fresh post. I'm doing a lot of posting on other blogs and of course TWITTER with the goal of driving traffic here and then on to other OTP sites. We all want more visibility for our books, and this is a way that is fresh, easy, and best of all, cost-free. You'd think there would be a line waiting to post, wouldn't you?