Monday, October 27, 2008

Some Thoughts

Everyone should sign up as a follower to this blog--that will help the blog.

So glad to see others have posted--that also will help the blog.

Just got back from Vegas--no, not to do what most people do there, but to celebrate our anniversary with my sis and to have a booksigning at Cheescake and Crime in Henderson NV. Though the turnout was poor (booksignings are probably one of the least profitable promotions though I do a few each year) those who came made it well worthwhile. Two of my favorite cops from Public Safety Writers Association and the president of Epic. Both these associations are terrific. Anyone who writes mysteries ought to join PSWA. For anyone who is electronically published, Epic is great.

Yes, I promoted the booksigning alot, but sometimes that's the way it is with signings.

Last week I gave a talk to an Anthropology class at the local college--didn't go to sell books but to talk about the Tolowa Indians who are the subject of my latest Deputy Tempe Crabtree mystery, Kindred Spirits. Also gave a talk to the 6th grade class at our local school about writing. Didn't sell books but had a lot fo fun.

Thursday I've been invited to speak to the Rotary Club--will take books for sale. Saturday I'm going to a bookfair in Bakersfield.

Next weekend, Sunny Frazier and I will both be speaking at the Erle Stanley Gardner Mystery Festival in Old Town, Temecula.

While traveling I read David Morrell's (author of First Blood, Rambo) book on the craft of writing and more, Lessons from a Lifetime of Writing, one of the best of this kind of book.

And to tie it all up, I was saddened to hear about the death of Tony Hillerman, who gave me the courage to write about Native people. He'll certainly be missed.

I hope I've given you some promotion ideas.


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