Monday, October 27, 2008

Two Sites New To Me by Sunny Frazier

I'm signed up for Publishers Weekly, but I don't always look closely enough at the info. Today I took the time to check out what they said about WeRead and BookSense.

On the WeRead site, I found my book, Fools Rush In, listed. News to me. This site is partnered with Lulu as a new way to reach potential customers. It started in 2007 and has 2 million readers. It suggests titles to members based on their stated preferences and what's on cyber bookshelves. Right now they are not selling books at the site.

WeRead "suggests" publishers pay to have titles listed, starting at $1,000. Steep. Harper and Penguin are now on board, which gives the venue some legs.

I also learned BookSense, now 8 yrs old, has morphed into They support independent bookstorees. On the site, they are asking people to reminisce about their favorite childhood bookstores. There's a point system and rewards. There's also an affiliate for authors to link up for free. Check out All they ask is that you link to their site.

I'm just dipping toes in the cyber pool. Any thoughts from the rest of you?

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