Sunday, November 30, 2008

Book Trailers

Billie has come a long way with her creation of trailers. I just read the Nov. 22 post and checked out some of her trailer links in it. The Timeless Love trailer is great, and I plan to add a link to it in my next newsletter. Thank you, Billie!

The technology available to writers is amazing, but how does one find time to make use of it and still find time to write?!!!



Marilyn said...

I agree, it is difficult to find time to write when there's so much you can do to promote your books.

Marilyn said...

P.S. Also wanted to say, that I hope all of you Oak Tree authors realize how fortunate we are to have a publisher who is willing to work right along with us in the promotion of our books. Believe me, this isn't the norm.

Monti said...

I know that, Marilyn. Billie is great about getting into the trenches and playing with promo. Thank you, Billie!