Friday, November 14, 2008

Holiday Promo Ideas

If you haven't already thought of it, the Christmas holidays are a great time to sell books.

The first Saturday of December, I'll be in an antique store in my little hometown. It's the day they encourage everyone to shop in the stores here--frankly there aren't that many. I'll be putting up posters in the Post Office, the coffee shop and of course the antique store. The local newspaper will have an article about my latest book and where I'll be.

The second Friday and Saturday, I'm going to have a table in the Art Gallery of the next closest city. We have no bookstores or malls so I have to be inventive. The Downtown Merchants Association is promoting a shopping in that city day--and I took a press kit to the bigger newspaper down there with a book and handed it over to the features reporter who is also my friend. Of course I had a blurb in there about being in the Art Gallery. Of course I had to ask permission of the art association to be there and they're hoping my presence will bring in more visitors and buyers of their art and crafts.

One suggestion I've heard, is that if you have a series, offer all the books in the series as a package for a gift suggestion. Haven't tried that one--probably have way too many books in my Deputy Tempe Crabtree series for that to work.

Oh, and I'll be bringing cookies to all three events--offering goodies results in sales.

That will be it for this year--except for continuing to write on all the blogs I'm on.



BillieJohn said...

I'm planning to have a table at our big Santa Parade day, Dec 6. Our Chamber of Commerce and other T-Town promoters are whipping up a lot of shopping and socializing action around our Square on this day.

Should be fun!

Marilyn said...

I received a royalty from another publisher yesterday, $1.60 for two books sold through bookstores.

A good thing since they were old books, not so good when the books cost $13.95 apiece.

Selling books at parades, book festivals, Christmas shopping days are definitely better money-wise.