Thursday, November 27, 2008

My Space vs. Facebook

Billie had an interesting post topic on the newsletter- My Space v. Facebook. For what it's worth, my vote goes to Facebook. While I have accounts at both and have been on My Space much longer, I have found that Facebook is easier to reconnect with people I haven't seen in years. I have found more people on Facebook in a few days than I did on My Space in two years. Facebook constantly suggest people I may know who live in my city or went to the schools I attended.

The benefit for me is that many of my college buddies have relocated to other states, and I see this as a positive because they can help get the word out about my novel to people I don't know and wouldn't have a chance to market to otherwise. I have recently found friends that moved from here, New Orleans, to Manhattan, L.A., St. Louis, etc..

I feel like I can get a local following easier, just because of the number of people I know here, we have a huge French Market/Flea Market every weekend in the Quarter, and another huge one on the other side of the river in Algiers where I can market. I can put a notice of my book release in my biography update for free in my high school newsletter, my college newsletter and my law school newsletter, plus for a small fee I can do the same in the monthly magazines of the legal associations I belong to, which are local but have a large number of members. So locally, I can at least get my book name out there, but hoped to find a way to get people from outside of my geographic area interested in the book.

Second, Facebook tends to have a more mature, professional following. An FBI agent who handles child sex internet cases mentioned that My Space is chock full of pedophiles because there are so many underage kids on the site, but Facebook doesn't have the problem because of the difference in the age and type of members. So besides avoiding the potential creep factor of who may be trolling on My Space, the Facebook member is probably more likely to purchase my novel, which is geared toward adults.

Although My Space seems to have more bells and whistles visually, Facebook is easier for me to navigate, which also makes it quicker to visit for me, and means I can check it daily.


BillieJohn said...

The creep factor...I shiver every time I think of it. My teenage great nieces LIVE for My Space, the chats, the IMs, and of course they don't want to hear a lot of warnings from their old fogey Auntie Beans. Sigh.

On the book side of things, I am surprised there aren't more crime novels built around these social networking sites. What's up with that?

Marilyn said...

I agree that Facebook is easier to navigate. I belong to lots of these social thing-a-ma-bobs--but not sure they really relate to sales. And yes, folks, I am doing them to promote my books.


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