Monday, December 29, 2008

Another Promo Idea from Bob Cohen

DeviantArt is an online community for artists:
I've displayed my art photography in a DA gallery for years. The gallery consists of a "click on the icon" array of jpeg visual files along with explanatory text posted at the discretion of the artist. I've never much used the option of explaining my photos, but last month it occurred to me that I might use this feature of the site to promote our book Scurvy Dogs, Green Water & Gunsmoke. Click on this link
and it will take you to the subfolder I've used to showcase artwork that's thematically related to the book. Read all the prompts and you'll see one that will display full views of the art - if you want the best look, click on this. You can also see the promo info that I've posted along with each piece (depending on title and subject matter, these pieces will display separately on searches by other members or users of DA). A useful feature of the site, particularly in this application, is that it maintains a running tally of the number of "views." While that might not necessarily equate to sales figures, it will give me an idea who's reading this OTP blog posting...
Bob Cohen, Ed.
Scurvy Dogs, Green Water & Gunsmoke

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