Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Being a Blog Hog and Season's Greetings

I don't really want to be a blog hog, but I know that to keep people coming back to a blog, there has to be new content every day or so. So that's why I'm back here again. Come next year, I have to get busy writing my next Rocky Bluff P.D. crime novel, so won't be popping on this blog quite so often. My plans are to be writing and promoting the one that's coming out at the beginning of the year from Oak Tree Press: No Sanctuary.

Recently I read a blog about building your platform. A platform is all the things that make you an interesting writer--the reason why people might want to interview you or ask you to speak before their group.

For a police officer writing a police procedural mystery, someone in forensics writing a novel or non-fiction with forensics, an artist writing a mystery with an artist for a sleuth, I'm sure you get the idea, you already have your platform.

For someone like me who is not in law enforcement but writes police procedural crime novels I've had to build a different kind of platform. The foundation is the fact that I had a son-in-law who was a fifteen year veteran of a police department who liked to tell me stories about his job. He also was willing to take me on ride-alongs and I went on other ride-alongs in the city that's next to where I live now. I belong to the Public Safety Writers Association ( and have made friends with other police officers, both active and retired.

The first house we bought was in a neighborhood of sailors, firemen and police officers. I was an observer as to how the job of being a policeman affected the family, and what was going on in the family affected the job. Something I've tried to portray in each of the Rocky Bluff P.D. books.

You'd be surprised how many stories I can tell based on these experiences--most of them a bit on the funny side.

With the book that's coming out in January, I can boast being involved with many churches through the years. Churches and the people who attend have their own dynamics. And though neither church nor the preachers depicted in my novel are like any real church or membership, there are some resemblances.

And that's my platform for No Sanctuary. Though I'm not an expert, I have enough exposure to be able to talk about how the book came about and what experiences I drew upon to write it.

Now, for the most important part, I wish you all the best of the holiday season no matter which way you may be celebrating. Remember to spend time with your friends and family and enjoy each moment.

Merry Christmas to all and my your New Year see you selling lots of books!


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