Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Can your book group do this!?

Interesting article in the NY Times recently about book groups.

Seems some folks in some book groups get a bit carried away with themselves. Or show up for the group meeting not having done the reading and just want to schmooze.

Some others, called "ayatollahs" here, just HAVE to dominate the proceedings. And God forbid if others want to read a book this ayatollah isn't interested in.

I've known a few....

I was in a writing group once and there was one who just had to dominate all conversation, shouting over others as they tried to say something and interrupting other times..

I think these types are just out of work talk show hosts, you know?

See what you think:


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Marilyn said...

I've never been in a book club though I've been invited by a couple to talk about my book--fun!

I have lots of experience with a critique group though, been in one for 25 years. I learned more for them in the beginning than I ever learned from any books or classes.

Now we're really particular, and anyone new has to try out and can only come once a month. We do have rules, no one can interrupt and the author can't defend his or her work.

I use the group as my first editor--and believe me it helps.