Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Wow Factor

We're all trying to figure out our holiday gift-giving, wanting our presents to have a wow factor without breaking the bank or being too impractical. Everyone is over-worked and over-worried, so this seems the perfect time to honor our struggle for balance.

How about a Body-Mind-Spirit gift for that working mom in your life? Buy a lovely warm throw (look for sales/use those coupons) and get it in blue (for healing) or rose (for love) — ideas from my book Giving with Meaning — add a book (for the mind) and a box of chocolates or after-dinner drink (for the spirit) along with a note that says something like this: Blue is the color of healing. Curl up after a long hard day and know that you are loved and being sent wishes for good health. A gift to honor your body, mind and spirit.

This thoughtful gift works for men and women and definitely has the WOW factor.

Warm Wishes,
Patricia Sheehy
author, Giving with Meaning

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