Friday, January 2, 2009

Book groups and promotion

Happy New Year all! I recently joined two book groups at the local Barnes and Noble which meet monthly, just because I like to read, and I need deadlines sometimes to get me to read more. Of course, I brought my bookmarks to let the members know about my OTP mystery, A Lesson in Murder. I visit this particular B&N often, and became friendly with the Community Relations Manager, who runs the book clubs. On one visit, she suggested I do a book signing in December, when there are a large number of customers. So, I had a signing on December 20, in the evening. Unfortunately, the weather was dreadful. But, I gave out free candy and bookmarks, and a number of book club members showed up, and I sold some books. The Community Relations Manager said that she had an idea to have a book group that read local authors. She said she is going to see if she can add this group to the already numerous other groups that meet each month. She said she wanted me to be the first author that will be read, and that I could then discuss my work with the group. I find this exciting, and I hope it pans out.

Just another promotional device for the struggling author.

Gus Cileone


BillieJohn said...

Great news, Gus! I hope the reading group works out.


Marilyn said...

What a great idea! Wish we had a bookstore nearby. But for those of you who do, you might suggest this to the manager.


Susan Brassfield Cogan said...

Nice idea. I'd never thought of a reading group. With luck you can get them to read your book!