Saturday, January 10, 2009

Career Decisions--Taking Chances

Interesting story about Billie's niece, the Evanovich fan. A few years ago, I attended a RWA conference in Chicago and was talking with Janet Evanovich as she packed away some books following a not-so-successful book signing. She had just decided to leave Loveswept and spend a year or so writing a different kind of book. Since she was a successful romance author with many Loveswept titles, I was shocked and wondered how she could give up her career like that. Months later, I saw Janet at a Virginia Romance Writers club meeting and learned that her agent had gotten her an awesome contract for her new series. Not long after that she made an appearance on CBS Sunday Morning. With Loveswept, she was successful but had reached a plateau. With the new work, she was reaching out in a new direction, stretching herself to become a better, more successful writer. She was taking chances, and it paid off!

Mary Montague Sikes, author
Secrets by the Sea, Eagle Rising, Hearts Across Forever


Bluestocking said...

Wow that was a good career move!!

lucia said...

Inspiring to anyone, following what you're drawn to next. Thanks for this story!

Morgan Mandel said...

You're getting a Premio Dardos award from me on Sunday. Please stop on by at

Jane Kennedy Sutton said...

What a motivating story. Thanks for sharing.

Jane Kennedy Sutton

Helen Ginger said...

Very interesting. I hadn't heard this story.

Joan De La Haye said...

Take risks and making changes in our lives is often a scary thing, but it's amazing what can happen if we take those chances.

Joan De La Haye