Friday, January 30, 2009

Name that Novel!

Monti Sikes and I are debating titles for her latest novel in the Passenger to Paradise series. Here's a blurb:

Everything changes for Kyle Warren the day his friend, NPR reporter Katherine Burdette, is thrown overboard from a ferry boat. Now Kyle is in Trinidad in pursuit of the international criminal he and Katherine were investigating. Because he left her on the boat to respond to an urgent message, Kyle holds the burden of guilt for Katherine’s death.

Lily Henri comes to Trinidad looking for change in her life and a jumpstart to a new career as a photojournalist. Since the sudden death of her parents, Lily has not been the same. Long-time friends no longer interest her, and she has developed an extreme dislike for her boyfriend.

When Lily arrives in the airport terminal, Kyle sees Lily and is stunned because she looks so much like Katherine. He speaks to her and gives her his business card. A harrowing car ride delivers Lily to the Sundower Sands Resort where she discovers Kyle is the manager.

Over the next few days, Lily and Kyle are thrown together in a number of dangerous adventures involving gunrunning and international crime. Because she is a look-alike for Katherine, Kyle knows Lily is in grave danger. All the while Lily has uncanny memories of having known Kyle in the past, and feelings of kinship with Katherine take hold.

Is Lily a “walk-in”?


We're thinking "Stranger in My Heart"



Christina E. Rodriguez said...

I wish I was good at giving titles to things. This sounds really interesting!

Diana Cosby said...

Your story sounds intriguing. My title thoughts:
Dangerous Liaison
Too Close For Comfort
Identity Crisis
Shadows of Love
Dangerous Path
Dangerous Coincidence
Heart of Danger
Shared Danger
Haunted Heart
Mysterious Stranger
An Image of One

*Not sure if any of these help. Good luck!

Diana Cosby
His Captive/Alexander MacGruder
His Woman/Duncan MacGruder - 4 star Romantic Times review
Title TBA/Seathan MacGruder - Date TBA
Title TBA/Patrik [Cleary] MacGruder - Date TBA

Christine Trent said...

How about:

Images of the Past
Danger in Paradise
Love me Twice
Shadows from the Past

Good luck with your decision!

Christine Trent
"The Queen's Dollmaker"
Coming early 2010 from Kensington
Did a dollmaker conspire to smuggle money and jewels to the Marie Antoinette inside fashion dolls?

Monti said...

Thank all of you for your suggestions. I'd love to write a book for every title.


Emma Lai said...

How about Trouble in Trinidad, Double Danger, or Welcome Stranger?

Good luck!

Nancy Naigle said...

Stranger Friendships

A Second Chance

Danger is a Familar Face

De-ja you