Saturday, January 24, 2009

OTP Board of Directors

A few days ago, Karen Syed's post was called WALL OF GRATITUDE and it recognized people important and valuable to her life, her business. This got me to thinking about my own list, my de facto Board of Directors.

In no particular order, here are some of the members of my Board:

Sunny Frazier, author of numerous short fictions, articles and her e-zine The Murder Circle plus her upcoming OTP novel WHERE ANGELS FEAR. Sunny is also the creator of Guerilla Marketing, a take-no-prisoners, shake-up-the-joint approach to getting attention for authors and their work. Trust me, we are going to be hearing a lot more from Sunny!

Patricia Sheehy author of two novels and a beautiful gift book, has a third novel in progress. Patricia is our in-house expert on all things Amazon, a frequent muse for me as well as "first reader" on many blurbs and pieces I write. Patricia's marketing skills are top-notch also and she is a sought-after speaker, especially in her home territory of Connecticut.

Deb Collett , a whirlwind of skills and talents, most notably her poetry. OTP published her second volume last fall SPANGLED STAR BANTER and Deb proved that publishing poetry CAN be done profitably, if you just put yourself behind it. Deb is an amazing planner, promoter and performer, plus she is located near Peoria, a scant two hour drive from me and a mere pittance of a ride when I am desperate to hang out with a fellow "bookie."

Monti Sikes, another multi-talented lady, and a storehouse of romance genre knowledge. She and her husband Olen founded the VA chapter of RWA. Monti is also an accomplished artist and photographer and her work has been used on numerous OTP covers, not just her own titles.

Marilyn Meredith has an impressive list of writing credits, and currently authors two series, one with OTP. Her characters are well-fleshed-out, which is most likely the reason why her workshop on character development is so sought after. Marilyn's never hesitates to share her wisdom, sage advice and inspiration. Plus, I know that no matter how much ground I cover, she's covered at least an acre more.

In addition, there are a couple of people outside OTP who definitely have seats at my Board Room table.

One is Karen Syed, of Echelon Press, mentioned earlier. I don't really know Karen, except for the blogs. I did track her down at Chicago's Printer's Row book fair a couple of years ago, and introduced myself. Beyond being a savvy publisher, Karen is also a writer and a superior blogger, a fulsome blogger. Her posts, though always with the subtext of promoting her titles, are, by turns, rich with atmosphere, thought-provoking, funny, soulful and always spot on. It's a rare day that I miss reading her blog.

The last lady in today's mention is Sara Davidson, author of LOOSE CHANGE Three Women of the Sixties, one of my all time favorite books. Sara has a loooong writer's pedigree including TV scripts (Dr. Quinn) and other books, most recently LEAP! which is a kind of guide book for life changes. She too can touch a heart-chord with her writing. I am convinced her grocery list could prompt emotion. Years ago, when both I and Book Expo were in Los Angeles, Sara was on a panel I attended. At the end, I pushed my way through the crowd to meet her, taking my one trek into that land of slobbering fan-dom. It was great! I stay on her e-zine list and a new issue is always a boost.

So, give it some thought. Who might be on your Board of Directors?


F. M. Meredith, author said...

How fun. I've been on a couple of real board of directions, one is the PSWA where I'm head of the program for the conference:

If I had a board of directors I'd certainly add Billie--after all, she's my new publisher and a good friend. Sunny Frazier is another one because we've helped each other promo wise and appeared together on several occasions. My husband, Hap, would be an official member because of all the support he gives me in too many ways to describe.

Can't think of anymore at the moment. What a fun exercise.


Marvin D. Wilson said...

Good sounding board. They say we will become the average of the sum total of the people we most associate with. Surround yourself with smart, motivated, talented, qualified successful people and you will be the same.

Monti said...

Billie, you would definitely be on my board. You have great ideas and are surely a fast learner for creating in the ever-changing world of the Internet!


Sunny Frazier said...
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Sunny Frazier said...

Billie and Marilyn, definitely on my Board. Kate Anderson, who I can trust for honest evaluations of my writing. My sister, because she foots the bills so I can live my dreams. Someday I hope to pay her back. Ex-husband Joe, my best friend and rock. Gail and Sherman from the library. They loan time and equipment so I can take promotion to the next level. And, all the crazy people who give me material to write novels. May the insanity continue!

Morgan Mandel said...

Sounds like a very competent board.
So far, I've got my husband, the Chicago-North Chapter of RWA and my dog, Rascal, on my Board. Rascal's on there for the name recognition. People don't recognize me, but another one yesterday outside the grocery store said, Oh, that's the dog on the Internet. Yes, even though I produced them, Rascal is the one who is famous for her Youtube videos. It's not easy living with a celebrity in the house. She's always demanding preferential treatment. She gets away with it because she's cute!

Morgan Mandel

Christina E. Rodriguez said...

Like Morgan, my husband, my writer's/illustrators organization, and my dog are members of my "board." The dog has been my official mascot for awhile.

Sharon said...

Interesting idea. I think I need to look for more board members.


Helen Ginger said...

Good Tuesday morning! Sorry that this is off-topic, but I wanted to let you know that I'm passing on to you the "When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Lemonade" Award. I hope you'll pass it on to 10 other deserving blogs! Yours is certainly a great blog.