Sunday, February 22, 2009

OTP's 2009 List

We are two-for-two in 2009! Last month, Marilyn Meredith's No Sanctuary came out and joined the other Rocky Bluff P.D. novels. As you may recall from her recent posts, Marilyn is busily preparing for the launch party...jeez, I wish I were attending!

Last week, The Pot Thief Who Studied Pythagoras hit the scene. The Pot Thief was the 2007 Dark Oak Mystery Contest winner...and how. This mystery, set in old Albuqerque, is sly and funny, the plot complications fresh and new, and viewpoint character Hubert Schuze puts a totally new spin on moral relativism. Plus, in a first for OTP, the cover blurb was penned by Gov. Bill Richardson of New Mexico!

We are right around the corner from sending Sunny Frazier's Where Angels Fear to the printer. This novel is a followup to Sunny's popular debut novel, Fools Rush In In Sunny's Christy Bristol Astrology Mystery series, she marries up the unlikely combination of law enforcement and astrology and gives us a look at crime in California's Central Valley.

Later in the spring, we are going practical. We have Richard Mundy's Car Repair: The Customer's Crash Course a how-to manual guiding us through the sometimes painful process of auto repairs.

Following that will be Barry Thomsen's The Jelly Bean Principle Subtitled "100 ways to stand out from your competitors," we think this is definitely a book for our troubled economic times when gaining or sustaining customers is priority one. Barry issues a monthly newsletter pointed to small business called IDEALETTER and has a web site to go with it at IDEALETTER

For June, we have Monti's STRANGER IN MY HEART, Holli's GUMBO JUSTICE (her site is in progress, but it good looking! Check it out!) We may even have the 2008 Dark Oak contest winner, INFATUATION by Wendy Sinicki. The push here is that the PSWA conference in Las Vegas is set for June 18-21, and that seems a great spot for us all to get together and launch some books!

In Franklin's House, the hauntingly beautiful story that took first prize in the 2008 Timeless Love contest and Days On the Beach, which got the grand prize in the 2007 Cop Tales contest will finish off the summer. Later, Patricia Sheehy's A Thousand Whispers which continues the lives and characters from 2007's Field of Destiny is due.

So, I'll be busy with the production work on these, and you never know when another "must do" project will appear. That's ANOTHER good reason why I am delighted that we have our Book Promo Department up and rolling. Sunny tells me that she's in contract with quite a few OTP authors, finding ways to attract more attention to their books. But considering how busy she's gonna get, if you haven't been touch, don't wait!

You have three options for contact: post here on OTPBLOG, email BOOKPROMODEPT or surf over to the Maven's page on the OTP website There's a link right in the middle that will take you there.



F. M. Meredith, author said...

Congratulations, Billie--wow what a big accomplishment and it's only Feb!

We have a fantastic publisher, folks!

Once again, I urge you all to attend the PSWA conference as it will be a wonderful place to get to know your fellow OTP authors!

And I know a secret--a ghost tour is being put together for Saturday night.

a.k.a. F.M. Meredith

Monti said...

Thanks, Billie, for all the excitement you're bringing to our lives! I'm delighted to be part of the Oak Tree authors group. I'd love to go to the conference, but don't know that I can work it out. The ghost tour beckons me, Marilyn!