Friday, January 16, 2009

Out on the Weekend

Today is the third day I have been trapped inside due to the sub-zero weather, and I am getting a little buggy. Predictions are that tomorrow the mercury will soar into the 20s, and if that happens, I plan to dance up and down my street. Well, maybe not. But it sounds good anyway.

A little while ago, I tried to dance with my cat, Figaro. He didn't like it. I can't be sure whether it was dancing in general, or just my particular style, but the experience really ticked him off.

How long until spring?


Morgan Mandel said...

The roads are not in great shape around here, so we're staying indoors today. I'm very tired of this awful weather. We're paying for every single mild winter we've ever head all at once.

Morgan Mandel

Christina E. Rodriguez said...

We're pretty lucky that the cold snap finally broke here in MN. It got warm enough to snow today!

Maybe it's just a cat thing to not want to dance, because my dog (who is about the size of a cat) LOVES to dance. He'll jump up and paw at me. It's hilarious.

F. M. Meredith, author said...

Where is global warming when you need it?

Don't feel bad at all about our quite nice 65 degrees. Make you jealous?


Monti said...

We are really cold in Virginia, too. I don't want to go outside. Now I can really appreciate how our daughter in MN feels every day. And we didn't even have temps below zero as you folks in MN appear to have on a regular basis.