Tuesday, February 3, 2009

And Now a Word from Sunny Frazier

Marketing. Promotion. Tooting your own horn. The bane of the writing life--or a boost?

Hi. I'm Sunny Frazier, one of the latest additions to the Oak Tree Press writing stable. I'm here to promote you!

Those are the magic words you're all hoping to hear. Am I right? Someone who will take the burden off your shoulders, tell the world about your book, make sales for you so you can spend your valuable time sitting at your computer cranking out the next novel.


I'm a writer too. My next mystery, WHERE ANGELS FEAR, is coming out very, very soon. But instead of kicking back, waiting for Billie Johnson to wave her publishing wand, I'm spending 10 to 12 hours a day at my desk. The only thing I'm kicking are the doors to promotional opportunities out there for the taking.

I believe in FREE. I believe in HARD WORK. I believe the only one responsible for my career is ME.

When my first book, FOOLS RUSH IN, came out in 2006, I was a novice at promotion. I did pretty well, but the Internet did not have much blogging going on or all the websites available for promotion. To be honest, I felt much of what was out there was a waste of my time. I had more important things to do than scour the Internet.

My attitude changed earlier this year. My New Year's resolution was to carefully examine cyberspace. I followed the leads as I came across them on Murder Must Advertise and other Yahoo groups. I used many of the skills I learned while working in a Narcotics unit at the sheriff's department, where I tracked down criminals by scouring high-level sites for clues of their whereabouts. The techniques I developed then became useful in an entirely different use now. And that's what I'm here to share with you.

I've isolated three key elements: finding sites, participating on sites and controlling the vast amounts of information.

This blog is just the first of many. I believe I can cut down the amount of time each of you spends on the Internet and guide you to sites that will make that time worthwhile. I can give you review sites, promotional opportunities, groups to get involved with, and anything that comes across my path on the information highway.

I have one purpose in doing this. I'd like to see Oak Tree Press grow and all of us grow with it. I'd like to see OTP authors bond and become a strong promotional unit. When I promote myself, I will promote Oak Tree, and that means I'm promoting YOU.

I'm not alone. Marilyn Meredith, also a new author to OTP, taught me much of what I know about promotion. She will also be imparting wisdom your way. I'm sure other authors will come forward until we are all sharing our knowledge with each other.

Together, as little acorns (and a few nutty authors!) we can make Oak Tree grow.


Pan Historia said...

Sunny, I'm looking forward to reading of your discoveries on the web, and reviews of good sites and promotional ideas.

I'm always impressed with writers that come out of their shell to aggressively market their work in today's difficult market.

Wyatt at Pan Historia

F. M. Meredith, author said...

If you have a personal blog--and you should, you need to blog regularly, once a day is best--but at least once a week. Try to get people to sign up to be followers. Let me know and I'll follow you and you can follow me: http://marilynmeredith.blogspot.com

And if you have a website, you need to put up new content regularly. I just put the first chapter to No Sanctuary on mine at

Marilyn aka F. M. Meredith

Morgan Mandel said...

I'm always open for new promotional ideas. I'll keep my eyes and ears open for your ideas.

Will you be at LIM or Author Fest this year?

Morgan Mandel

Monti said...

Sounds great, Sunny! You can have the best book in the world and if no one knows about, it's not going to sell. We need to learn to use the Internet to promote. And we need to promote Oak Tree and each other. I will follow your moves and, hopefully, find extra time somewhere for more promotional efforts!

Monti, author Passenger to Paradise books

Krista said...

Are you an angel? =)