Saturday, February 28, 2009

Book Launch

It's getting close to time for my book launch for No Sanctuary. I'm nervous.

I picked up a party tray last night with lunch meats and cheeses. I have a great smoked salmon my friend from Alaska sent me, crackers, and all sorts of interesting coffees to serve. On our way we'll stop at Coffee Etc. and pick up the cookies I ordered. (I'm giving them an autographed copy of the book.)

I have black tablecloths, yellow cups, napkins and plates and the crime scene tape. I printed out Wanted Posters which I'm hanging on the wall along with a big poster of No Sanctuary.(Using that stick stuff that peels right off so I don't harm the walls--don't want my church members to get made at me.) I've got signs that say, Interrogation, Holding Cell, etc. I'm putting an evidence bag on the refreshment table.

Of course I also have my books. I'm going to have a drawing for a lunch for two with me at Coffee Etc. (Done that a couple of times before and it's fun for the winner and me). My guest book will be out and I'll ask anyone who hasn't before to sign and put in his email address.

My husband is going--he'll put up the table and chairs and haul everything inside for me. (He's wonderful about this stuff.) Also my daughter-in-law is going to take photos with her new camera and my grand-daughter is coming for awhile. She's helped with the money part for me before. With all my helpers at least I won't be lonesome if no one shows up. Can you tell I'm nervous?

Oh, and I'm wearing a great vest over my regular clothes that my husband won at a Public Safety Writers Conference--the material has all kinds of appropriate sayings on it, like Innocent, Crime Stopper, Protect and Serve, The Boys in Blue--you get the idea.

I've done everything I know to do to publicize this: poster at Coffee Etc., poster at the post office, two notices in the local paper, two in the larger newspaper, mailed written and email invitations, put notices online to local groups, and announced it in church last Sunday since it's going to be there in the Fellowship Hall.

In two and a half hours I'll know if any of it did any good. If worse comes to worse, my family will have lots of goodies to eat and drink.

aka F. M. Meredith


BillieJohn said...

Using my publisher's perrogitive, I added the cover image here! I happen to think it is a terrific cover.

Of course, Marilyn is a terrific author also...look at the thought that she put into this event...every detail just so. Of course, she writes that way too...which I love!

The idea of the lunching prize is a super one...good job!


Morgan Mandel said...

I hope all turns out well and you have lots of fun and booksales!

Morgan Mandel