Monday, February 23, 2009

The New Colophon

What a great newsletter from our publisher!

Wow! I've already asked my web maven to put all those links on my website, I hope the rest of you are doing the same. (Well, not asking my web maven to do it--but if you do your own website, doing it or having the person up updates your website do it for you.)

There are about three other Marilyn Merediths with websites, that's why I used I've had a website for years and the first person who did it for me came up with that name. I'll have to see if F. M. Meredith is available.

There is so much promotion to do--and believe me it's way easier than it used to be.

I've had several publishers and I've never ever had one before who did so much for their authors--or came up with ideas for their authors to do.

At the moment I'm swamped as I'm getting ready for another writing conference, Epicon. At this conference I'm giving a presentation on Writing a Mystery series and I'm on two panels for young writers. I also get to be a presenter for the best Mystery award. This conference's awards ceremony is done much like the Academy Awards and everyone dresses up.

I'll certainly be handing out my cards with the No Sanctuary book cover on the front and my website, Oak Tree Press's web address and my email address on the back.

I vowed to do a new blog everyday for the month of February and I've done it so far--but I'll be glad when February is over. I try to Twitter two or three times a day.

Much of this promotion will probably slow down while I'm at the conference though I do have a new mini-laptop with wifi capabilities.

Anyway, I once more want to emphasize the fact that we are so lucky to have the publisher we do--I've had some great publishers, but this is the first one I've had who works so hard for her authors.

Thank you, Billie,

aka F.M. Meredith

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BillieJohn said...

Wow, I am speechless...and for me that is something. Thanks so much for the compliment, which I return by saying that it is easy to do such things when you have great authors writing terrific I do!