Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A Newsletter to Inspire Imagination

Just finished reading the new Colophon and, as usual I've come away feeling inspired!
I love the concept of branding and have seen it work for so many authors. Janet Evanovich is an author who comes to mind when I think of branding. You have to see only the title or the cover of a book to know it was written by Janet.

Today, I put up a quote in my art classroom that I believe is especially appropriate for writers. "Imagination is more important than knowledge." Albert Einstein wrote that a few years ago.

If you have not already created your "branding," think about it now and use your imagination. Thank you, Billie, for pushing us with your brand of inspiration!


BillieJohn said...

Monti...thanks so much for your nice comments!

COLOPHON is OTP's in-house newsletter which developed with the idea of sharing practical advice and information about the book business with OTP authors.

Over the years, I've found that authors collect a lot of mis-information -- like the urban myth that an inscribed book cannot be returned! Also, I've discovered that authors don't always have a good grasp of the book biz, how books make their way into the hands of readers via book distribution, media issues, and so on.

While it's not really the job of the author to be a total Book Biz authority, it is just so helpful when he understands the basics, and it really paves the way for author and publisher working together for the success of the book...which is the goal, right?

While COLOPHON is directed to OTP authors, anyone who is interested is welcome to subscribe. There is a sign-up box at http//www.oaktreebooks.com


Morgan Mandel said...

I'm working on that branding thing.

Morgan Mandel

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