Thursday, February 12, 2009

Posting to Blogs and Other Such Stuff

Because it's a good idea to have new content on a blog, I thought I'd better put something on Oak Tree's blog since it's been awhile. Sure would like to see all the authors posting on a regular basis--bet Billy would like that too.

I'm posting on my personal blog every day this month--thought I'd missed a day, but I'd scheduled two blogs on the same day and fixed it. Believe me it isn't easy to think up something to say every single day. But I have a tracker on there and it's amazing to see how many people at least go the blog each day.

Of course I'm busily promoting my latest, No Sanctuary, and trying to tell everyone about it everywhere I go, sort of like leaving bread crumbs along the way.

I made wonderful posters and flyers to hand out to my writing group and mail out about my live book launch which is going to be at our church. When I gave them to my writer friends, one noticed I didn't have the date on the flyer. Eeeek! Fortunately, I hadn't sent them out yet, but did have them in envelopes and sealed. I've taken care of the problem.

In the meantime, I'm also working on my income taxes. Yes, I do have a life beyond writing and promoting.

And we got up to patches of snow on the ground--I know that's nothing to you folks in other parts of the country, but in the foothills of Central CA it's a big deal.



BillieJohn said...

Marilyn, you are so right. I would dearly love to see more authors post more often to the blog. It was set up to be a forum for OTP authors, and not just an echo chamber for my blab. But, like you, when a few days go by without a new post, I add something to keep it fresh.

There is a counter on this site, too, and I keep hoping for some better stats so we can get into the blog tour game. This would be such a fine opportunity to increase the visibility of all concerned. But alas! Seems that concept hasn't bloomed as yet.

Thanks for being so on the ball!

Sharon said...

I don't have anything profound to say except I wish you all the best on the launch of your book.