Sunday, February 8, 2009

Promoting Fellow Authors and Pseudonyms

Adding a link to our Web sites is something each of us can do to help promote our fellow Oak Tree authors. I'm glad Mike Orenduff suggested it. I just went to my site and copied his URL to create a hyperlink on my links section. That's when I realized I do not have links to other authors which is my fault for not updating as I should. It would be great if each of you posted here or emailed me the URL you would like me to use. In return, please post on your Web site.

Don't be shocked when you go to my site and it switches to A couple of years ago I decided it would be a good idea to create an author pseudonym for books that I might like to write under a different name. That's when I chose the pseudonym, Alexis Hudson, and changed my Web site URL. Soon after that, I realized how much effort it was taking to create name recognition for just one name. Adding another to the mix didn't seem to make much sense. Maybe one day I'll use the other name, but not yet ...

Promotion is the most important thing we can do to develop name recognition. Let's help each other and promote Oak Tree as well.

Mary Montague Sikes, Author Secrets by the Sea and other Passenger to Paradise books


BillieJohn said...

Monti...this is an excellent suggestion. I hope everyone will get on board with this.

Thanks for getting it "out there"

Morgan Mandel said...

I'll be updating my website soon and need to add a lot of my blog friends' links on there.

Morgan Mandel