Thursday, February 19, 2009

Two Topics/PSWA Conference and Book Launch

For those of you who are writing mysteries or anything concerning public safety (characters who are ambulance drivers, fire firefighters, paramedics, private eyes, etc.) do consider coming to the Public Safety Writers Conference in June. June 18-21.

We have some great conference speakers, award winning mystery writer Betty Webb, two forensic experts, Joyce Spizer Foy, mystery writer, screenwriter, and promotion guru, our own Billie Johnson, and many more. Any one who wants to be on a panel will be (see the Public Safety Writer Newsletter (also on the website) to read how to be a panelist. You can have your books on sale: the organization keeps only 10%.

What a wonderful way to learn more about your craft, get new ideas, meet new people, network with other Oak Tree Press authors and the publisher (I know of at least three OTP authors who have signed up already), have a great time--and take the whole thing off your income tax! What could be better?

Plans for my book launch for No Sanctuary are moving right along. I've bought crime scene tape, black tableclothes, yellow napkins, plates and cups, and plan to hang up appropriate signs you might find in a police station. Of course I've ordered wonderful cookies from my favorite coffee place, and I'll be serving other goodies. Anyone who might be near Springville CA, this is going on at the Springville Baptist Church, Bogart Dr. off Highway 190, at the top of the hill (1 mile south of the town), Saturday, February 28 from 11-4.

I have written invitations ready to go in the mail, have put flyers up in town, will send email invites out next week, and it's been in the local paper and I've sent a notice to the larger paper.

Now all I can do is hope for the best.

Hope to see some of you at the PSWA conference!


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