Monday, February 2, 2009

What's Your PQ?

PQ, or promo quotient, is a term I made up recently while pondering the fates of OTP books. One of my most frequent topics for wool-gathering sessions is "what makes a book sell?" and "why do some take right off and others just don't?"

One by one, I can dispel the rationales of distribution, strength of writing, topic, season of release. Exceptions pop up as fast as "rules." Somewhere in the midst of one of these thought-storms, I began to read Malcolm Gladwell's THE TIPPING POINT. Subtitled "How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference," this book became a best-seller analyzing how ideas and information spread, trends develop. Among the key factors, Gladwell says, is the presence of Market Mavens. As I read the next hundred pages discussing Mavens, I realized this is the X-factor in book-selling, and the PQ concept was launched.

Somewhere in this process, I got in a huge gab with Sunny Frazier. Sunny's WHERE ANGELS FEAR is coming out from OTP next month. She is a frequent workshop speaker and publisher of the MURDER CIRCLE, which is Page Six for crime fiction aficionados. One of her most popular workshops is Guerrilla Marketing. Suddenly it was clear to me: Sunny is a Maven!

To cut to the chase, Sunny and I have made a deal wherein she will offer her insights to other authors. We have an email address for questions and discussions Where appropriate, we will share the Q&A here on the blog.

This process won't be strictly re-active, however. Suggestions and tips may appear spontaneously in your email!



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