Thursday, March 26, 2009

Hello everyone. I'm one of the newest authors to join the Oak Tree family. I've posted a couple of comments but this is my maiden voyage for a blog post.

My book, Infatuation, is set to come out in June in the Dark Oak Mysteries line, and I am so excited. I will be attending the conference in Vegas in June and can't wait for that and to meet all of you in person. I'm in Michigan and can't wait for some warm weather!

Infatuation is about Mitch Malone, a crime beat reporter in fictional Grand River, who likes his life without complications. A bombshell walks into his newsroom and forever disrupts his well-ordered life and embroils him in a double murder that moves him from a byline on the front page to a major player in solving the crime, if he ever hopes his life to return to normal.

My website just went live last week and can be found at I would be happy to link to any of your sites. Just shoot me an email to and let me know what it is. Feel free to add my site to your site! I would appreciate it.

I have already learned a lot from lurking on the blog and my goal is to write one blog every week. I look forward to a rousing discussion on many topics.

a.k.a. WS Gager
Infatuation coming out in June from Oak Tree Press

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