Monday, March 16, 2009

In Person and On-line Promo is about my writing rituals. Fun thing to write about.

I'm also at this site: three days in a row: March 16, 17,18 as well as

This weekend I had a booth at the Celebration of the Whales at Channel Islands Harbor. Among the craft people, artists, and farmers selling their fruit and vegetables, I was the only one with books. I've learned that many people have never met an author in person. I sold a lot of books, handed out my card, and talked to loads of people.

This part of California is where two of my daughters live so we stayed with each of them and had a great visit while there--and of course the trip is tax-deductible.

Next weekend I head up to Oakhurst in the mountains to speak to a writers group about e-pubbing, the Kindle and of course my latest books. This is only a two hour drive which we can do in one day.

Sunny is back from Hawaii and I'm anxious for her to post about her adventures. I've had a bit of a preview--and she's definitely a master at promotion.

Oh, and do check out the contest on my website:

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