Sunday, March 1, 2009

Kindle and Bezos on Charlie Rose

"Jeff Bezos for the hour..." was the opening to The Charlie Rose Show the other night, and while I rarely miss his show, I perked up when Charlie added that Bezos would be showing off his newest gizmo, the Kindle 2.

At that very moment, I was putting the finishing touches on the Kindle file of one of Marilyn Meredith's backlist titles, ASTRAL GIFT, bringing OTP's title count to the mid-30s. This is a number I want to increase fast...while the ratio of Kindle books to total Amazon titles is still an advantage. I am opening the door to anyone who has a potential book, previously published or not, to check out OTP's Kindle offer at our company website Click on the big KINDLE in the middle of the page for details.

But back to Bezos and his gizmo...he of course had a unit with him with a striking image of Mona Lisa on the the screen, and being the savvy marketer that he is, he frequently held it up and used it to punctuate his comments to the ever-charming and pithy Charlie Rose. (It is true, I am hopelessly enamored of Charlie...have been for years!) The thing that was most remarkable, though, was that the Kindle 2 is THIN! Turned sideways to the screen, the Kindle seems to be mere line, hardly wider than a pencil! Bezos spent the hour extolling its virtues to Charlie, which seemed like preaching to the choir since Rose had his own Kindle 1 with him and gave a rundown of how being able to access books, magazines and newspapers anytime, anyplace was a boost to his productivity.

At OTP, I've put the Kindle project ahead of all other E-book development because I think this is such an amazing time to get in. The long view for Kindle is amazing, the ease of use, almost instant fulfillment and array of content choices make it a very likely big winner in this next generation of personal devices.

Check it out!


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