Thursday, March 26, 2009

See You At the PSWS Conference?

I just signed up for the PSWA's conference in Las Vegas. I've been reading OTP books, only my genre so far - mysteries. When I finish those, I'll start on the others. I'd like to meet those people whose faces are on the books, so sign up by Tuesday and save a few bucks. Las Vegas is always fun, and who knows - you may sell some books. I'm driving out and arranging book signings at towns and cities along the way. I probably won't sell enough books to pay for the trip, but it will help, and any expenses not covered by sales are deductible (I've worked both for the IRS and H&R Block, so I know whereof I speak). I'm also looking in to whether we qualify for Federal bail-out dollars!

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BillieJohn said...

Mike...great news that you have signed up for the PSWA conference! I'm eager to go the conference and meet everyone. Having a personal connection to OTP writers (and writers in general, for that matter!) is really important to me. And what better place to meet than Vegas? The host hotel (Suncoast) is lovely. It's not that close to downtown and the strip, but it certainly overcompensates with amenities galore. You'd need an extra week after PSWA to parktake of its offers.

The folks at PSWA are really fun, too, so this is a win-win.

You know, I get a lot of questions about tax issues for writers. How about sharing a few tips with us here, Mike? A few weeks ago, one writer told me her tax man was going to insist that her writing business be listed as a hobby, not a business, because she didn't make a profit last year. In an era where we have AIG, the auto industry and Wall Street firms posting unfathomable losses, the irony of this was astounding. What makes it a legit business?

See you in Vegas!