Saturday, April 11, 2009

Between Blogging & Writing

Okay, blogging is writing. I'll give you that. But when I'm blogging, I'm not working on my upcoming novel and I have deadlines to meet. Yet, suddenly, I can't stop. I am becoming addicted to the possibilities inherent in reaching out through the Internet to an audience of readers and reviewers that seems never-ending.

Yesterday, I found a few new blogs and two folks interested in reading my novel, Field of Destiny, with the intent of posting reviews on their sites. That's worth the price of sending them a book. One has invited me to be a guest on her blog. And on it goes. AND, my numbers on Amazon have put me back on a sub-best seller list, all because of this added exposure.

What's scary, and exciting, is that I've just hit the tip of the iceberg. I have found more sites than I can post to and still have a life. It's a little like playing the slots, the next pull of the handle could net the big one. I'm not stopping, and I encourage you to start -- pick a couple of new ones every day and post to a couple of established ones. Make it a Power Blog Lunch and see what happens. That's my plan and in between, I'll work on my new novel, A Thousand Whispers. - ps


Monti said...

Hi Patricia,

Interesting comments about blogging. I, too, am working on completing a book, Stranger in My Heart, but I am willing to take a little time out to blog if it will help build readership for my other three novels. Do you have recommendations for a couple of blogs I should try?

Hearts Across Forever,
Eagle Rising
Secrets by the Sea

Gus Cileone said...

I guess I'm showing my ignorance, but how do you tell how your numbers are on Amazon?


Gus Cileone
A Lesson In Murder