Sunday, April 5, 2009

Local Press

How far in advance of publication should the local press be contacted to see who will plug your novel? We have several resources here that may give me face time, we have four local television news stations and a local newspaper, but I'm wondering at what point do I contact them? And what do you tell them when you don't have the exact release date for the novel?

Off topic, the truth is stranger than fiction down here in New Orleans. Somehow, New Orleans prosecutors have only won a handful of trials so far this year, yet Louisiana has the highest incarceration rate in the country. Murderers and rapist walk free but we have shoplifters who are serving ten and twenty year sentences because of prior shoplifting convictions. Male inmates tend to get released without bond pending trial because of overcrowding, but females stay in jail for minor offenses because there aren't as many females in jail.

New Orleans is one of the most fun places you can visit, and we definitely have the best food, but life on a daily basis can be insane. A lot of it makes good fodder for writing, except for the fact that most people wouldn't believe it.

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