Thursday, April 9, 2009

Marketing on a Budget

I'm kind of skimping on the blog a little bit this week but will caulk it up to traveling for Spring Break. Besides a writer friend of mine did it so eloquently. I can't improve on it and I don't have the experience she has to recommend it. Visit titled Secret Handshake and Thursday's post talks about places to get get inexpensive marketing items like bookmarks, business cards, and other items and best of all, how she uses them. A word of caution: These four writers and editor who take turns posting each day write erotic romance and they promote themselves well. Their covers are all over the blog and they are steamy. It was interesting to see how she converted less than $300 into a great marketing package complete with chotskis (sorry, just had to use that word!). I have already taken a few notes. I will be investigating her suggestions and using them to help me promote Infatuation, coming out in June from Oak Tree Books. And off course I will be bringing my version of chotskis to PSWA conference in Vegas to share and looking for your great ideas!


WS Gager
Infatuation coming out in June from Oak Tree Press

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