Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My Take On Blogging

Besides blogging it's important to lead people to your blog sites. How can you do that? Through social networks like Twitter, Facebook, My Space, etc.

Think it takes too much time? Go to Ping, you can put one message there including a website address (they'll make it shorter so your message will fit at Twitter) and voila! the message goes everywhere you've signed up for.

Offer to host other authors on your website. I love doing that because then I don't have to think something new up to write. For my personal blog, Marilyn's Musings, I try to have something new every day. Not an easy assignment. Today on that blog, Rob Walker is visiting. He's written an interesting blog about behind the scenes of his trilogy.


Once a week on Tuesdays, I do a blog for the Stiletto Gang http://thestilettogang.blogspot.com

The other members are writers of cozies. They are a great group of gals and I've met two of them in person. One of them made a bookmark for the Stiletto Gang with all the covers of our latest books on them. For those attending The Public Safety Writer Association's conference, you'll receive a bookmark in your conference folder. Other authors have also sent bookmarks that will be in the folder. (A good and easy way to promote.)

Today's blog from me is all about panel assignments at Mayhem in the Midlands and my husband's and my fondness for Omaha, the site of Mayhem.

Every other Tuesday, I do a blog at Make Mike Mystery http://makeminemystery.blogspot.com

Another important thing to do is when you visit a blog, make a comment, and in the comment put your name at the end along with your website address.

In your signature on your email, be sure to have your website and any blogs that you participate in.

Guess that's all I can think of on blogging at the moment.



BillieJohn said...

Great info as always, Marilyn!

Here's another tip...you can "blog ahead"...in other words, at least here on Blogspot, you can write a blog today, and set it up to post at some future date and time.

I often do this here, plus the blog mistresses at a couple of others where I post manage this for all the posters on those blogs.

This is a big boost to my time challenges. Very often, I set aside a day or chunk of a day and do a lot of posts. The ones that flesh right out, I put in the queue for a later time. The ones that are still a little nekked, I just save as a draft. Then if the topic comes up, the blog just needs a fresh post, I just polish up and SHAZAM, I have a post.


F. M. Meredith, author said...

Billie is right, you can post date a blog, just like post-dating a check. I do that often on my own personal blog.

Marilyn a.k.a. F. M. Meredith

The cover of Lingering Spirit is my romance with a supernatural twist that Billie put on Kindle for me.

Gus Cileone said...

Hi Marilyn,

Is there any way I can send in some of my bookmarks for my OTP novel, A Lesson in Murder? I won't be attending the conference. Thanks.

Gus Cileone