Thursday, April 30, 2009

Writing and Promoting

Hi all,

I have been trying to find that proper mix (as have all of you) involving writing and promoting. I have joined a writing group and received some very helpful comments from its members. But, I also talked up my book, A Lesson in Murder, as well as Oak Tree Press at the group meeting. I attend film classes and reading groups, and do some promoting there. There will be a discussion of my book at the local Barnes and Noble on May 12 (they already have the signs up, and it will be in the May newsletter), and I will be one of a number of local authors signing books at a community-wide summer library festival on June 4. However, I really have to get cracking on the novel I am currently writing. It's another murder mystery, hopefully the first in a series. Besides the writing and promoting, I hope everyone will be getting out and enjoying the warmer weather.

Gus Cileone,

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