Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Kindle

I finally broke down an purchased a Kindle. I've been talking about it for ages.

The first one I actually saw was Sherman Lee's, one of the librarians at the Hanford Library. He downloaded one of my books, Lingering Spirit, in a matter of seconds.

Since then, I've seen people reading on their Kindles in airports and when I went to Mayhem in the Midlands.

I'll be giving two talks about e-publishing, first on a panel at the California Crime Writers conference and the very next weekend at the Public Safety Writer Association's conference. I decided it was about time I had Kindle to demonstrate. (Besides, I really want one.)

Thanks to Billie, a lot of my older books are now on Kindle. Some of my other publishers, who are primarily e-publishers jumped on the opportunity to put all of their books on Kindle.

Now I can download one or two and see what they look like on this classy new reading device.

Year ago I had the first e-reader, the Rocket E-book which I loved. Unfortunately, you had to download books through the computer, and when I upgraded my computer I couldn't figure out how to reconnect the Rocket E-book. I had a couple of other e-readers after that. One that the batteries didn't last on very long. If they went out, you lost the book and had to reload it.

Soon as I get my Kindle, I'll let you know how I like it. For those of you going to the PSWA conference, you can take a look at it there.

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