Wednesday, May 27, 2009

What Color is Your Jelly Bean?

The Jelly Bean Principle: 105 Ways to Stand Out from Competitors is now available at and in OTP's Bookstore, or you may wish to ask for it at your favorite bricks and mortar store.

Intended for businesses in general, Thomsen's advice and know-how is like getting an MBA course in a single volume...attract new customers, solidify the loyalty of existing customers, learn ways to thrive in lean times and be THE ONE the client thinks of when his needs match your product or service.

Thomsen's ability to find the marketing edge revealed itself when he was a pre-schooler with a lemonade stand in front of the family home. Business was slow. His competitor had the same product in his vending stand a few feet away. It was hot and boring.

After assessing the situation, Thomsen loaded the pitchers and some glasses into his wagon and wheeled it over to some nearby construction sites. Moments later, he sold out, pocketed his profits and joined a neighborhood baseball game, leaving his competitor to wondering what happened.

The Jelly Bean Principles reflect a lifetime of successful business-building and business operation. Readers will learn to recognize -- and even create opportunities, how to flaunt your brand, develop ways to give your customer extraordinary service, hire superstars, make the most of your Chamber meetings, and much, much more.

I was constantly struck with how many of the JB Principles are applicable to bookselling...JB#7 Make it easy to pay; JB#8 Word of Mouth Power; JB#11 Unique Packaging (book covers, maybe?); JB#26 Be Ready to Sell; JB#32 Sign Power, JB#69 The Trade Show Advantage...too many to list here.

This is one to read thoroughly, then keep handy for refreshers....check it out!


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WS Gager said...

Great description. I ran right out (okay I clicked) right over and purchased it. It sounded good for me and my boss at my part time job.

WS Gager
A Case of Infatuation coming ut next month from Oak Tree Books.