Tuesday, May 26, 2009

What We Suffer Through to Promote

This past weekend, hubby and I attended Mayhem in the Midlands, one of our favorite mystery cons. Numbers were down, but there were still plenty of readers there eager to meet authors and buy books. Of course, there were many big name authors who attracted the most buyers.

Mayhem is fun though--not geared to teach anyone anything--but to entertain and acquaint readers with the authors' latest books. I was fortunate to be on two panels and moderated another. Even my hubby was on a panel of writers' spouses--which turned out to be hilarious.

We had a great time, got to see friends we've made over the years, readers and authors alike, sold some books, handed out lots of cards, ate some wonderful meals in different restaurants in the Old Marketplace in Omaha--right across from the conference hotel.

Now to the suffering part. I came down with a cold the first morning. Fortunately I brought Daquil and Nyquil with me--kept me going the whole time. Our flights to Omaha came off without a hitch. Going home was another story.

We checked into the airport and waited for the arrival of our plane. First it was delayed because of weather. Then they brought in another plane. The loaded us on. They they said we should get off. We did. Then they put us right back on. Then we sat on the plane and waited for about 45 minutes until it took off. By the time we arrived in Denver, our connecting flight had left without us. We were told when weather causes the problem, the airline doesn't have to do anything about it.

The line for customer service to find another plane had about 500 plus people in it. Took us about two hours to finally get to where we could speak to someone. There were no seats on the next day's plane to Bakersfield--we were told we'd have to wait until the day after. Hubby asked about flying to Fresno--they had two seats left on that plane for the next day. We took them. Of course our car was waiting for us at the Bakersfield airport. We had to make arrangements for someone to pick us up in Fresno and drive us to Bakersfield. Had no idea where our luggage might have gone.

We slept in the airport--not a good experience. Airports are extremely noisy at night. The night crew comes in to clean, make deliveries, and holler at each other. The lights are not dimmer, the air conditioner is on and without many people the place is freezing. Chairs are not comfortable places to sleep--even when you get another for your feet. I managed to get maybe 2 or 3 hours in--but it bits and pieces.

Our flight home was uneventful, son-in-;aw was waiting in the airport. We didn't even think to look for our luggage. Drove to Bakersfield to get the car, no luggage there. When hubby called about it, learned the luggage had gone to Fresno. Fortunately, the airport offered to deliver it to us. Hooray!

The outcome is, I'm pooped! Fortunately, I have a little bit of time to recover before I head off again.

Marilyn a.k.a. F. M. Meredith

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