Saturday, June 13, 2009


In a few moments, hubby and I will be heading to Pasadena and the California Crime Writers conference. This is a new conference put on as a joint effort by the Southern California Chapter of MWA and the L.A. Chapter of Sisters in Crime. Because it is so close in time to the Public Safety Writers Association's conference, we're just going down today and stay overnight because the panel I'm on is 9 a.m. in the morning.

Hopefully, this afternoon and evening I'll run into some authors that I know and will be able to spend some time with them.

I wouldn't even attend this one except I was asked by one of the organizers to be on a panel about e-publishing--and remember, e-publishing includes having a book on Kindle.

Though I was offered attending the conference free tomorrow, we have to turn around and head home as we have an important meeting in the afternoon.

I'm only taking my two latest books to display and lots of cards to hand out.

A whole different story for the Public Safety Writers Association conference which begins on Thursday afternoon in Las Vegas. We'll be leaving Wednesday as my sis lives in Vegas so we'll spend a night with her and then head over to the Suncoast Hotel and Casino. I'm in charge of registration and the program, so I'm bringing name tags, program folders, some handouts for the speakers and of course copies of my latest two books.

Two of the attendees at the first conference will also be at the PSWA con: Sheila Lowe, a forensic handwriting expert who will be sharing her expertise, and Madeline Gager.

Yes, I am truly anticipating the PSWA conference. It's small with only one track so you can't miss meeting everyone who is attending. We have some super people coming, many Oak Tree Press authors and Billie, our publisher, a famous mystery author, Betty Webb, some old friends I haven't seen in awhile, and other good friends, and authors and authors-in-waiting I've never met.

I know this one is going to a fun experience, maybe a little nerve wracking at times, since I'm in charge of the program. Last year we had a speaker get ill and the order of presentations had to be switched around, but it all worked out.

Now, if I can keep from having nightmares about the conference, all will be well.

See some of you in Vegas.

a.k.a. F. M. Meredith


BillieJohn said...

You'll be seeing me...and I am really tickled! It will be fun to get away for a little bit and to hang out with book people. I am doing my "think packing" already...mentally going over what goes in the suitcases. However, I can't actually pack until I can do it all and zip it because my cats catch on and do bad things in the suitcase!

Monti said...

Wow, reading your posts makes me really want to go to Vegas for the Public Safety Writers conference. I enjoyed meeting so many folks there last year. Now that I feel I know you better (from all your posts), Marilyn, I would love to see you again. I always look forward to seeing Billie, and it would be great to meet other OTP writers. Alas, I have jury duty on Friday, and week following the conference weekend I agreed to teach two watercolor classes everyday for an art camp! I agreed before I knew about the PSW conference dates. I kept hoping the classes would not get enough children.

All the best,

WS Gager said...

I'm packed and loaded and halfway there. Decided to drive but it was a very long day of driving today and another tomorrow. In Nebraska tonight. Can't wait to meet everyone!

WS Gager
A Case of Infatuation

blauderdale said...

After having some "experiences" with my Google account,which delayed responses, I've landed on this blog, and can only add that it will be great to meet the OTP authors and staff in Las Vegas.

Beverly Lauderdale