Friday, June 19, 2009

Las Vegas PSWA Conference

I'm writing from my casino hotel room at the PSWA writer's conference in Las Vegas and have to say if you can't be here, you're missing a good time. I have picked up some good tips and met some very interesting people (and I mean that in a good way!) and I think everyone is having a blast. The whole thing is not what I was expecting-- it's more fun and the people are pretty laid back and funny (again, in a good way.)

I was ecstatic to get copies of my novel, Gumbo Justice. The entire process was a lot like childbirth, less painful but just as scary. I once had a boss that used to say, "Every monkey thinks its chimp is cute." I must say I fall into that category because I LOVE my book cover. Atmospheric and slightly edgy might be more accurate descriptions, but whatever, I love it.

I finally got to meet Billie in person, as well as some other Oak Tree folks, Sunny Frazier, Marilyn Meredith, Mike Orenduff, and my partner in crime, Wendy Gager, among others.

And you can't beat Las Vegas for a book conference, unless of course you want to start a writer's conference in my home town of New Orleans (there's nothing like a New Orleans snow ball to beat the heat and a po-boy to cure your hunger.)


BillieJohn said...

Holli is right...we are having a fantastic time. Lots of good info on the sessions but the best is the meet and greet between. I love having faces to go with the names. In the pic I have piggybacked onto Holli's post is Wendy (WS Gager) Mike Orenduff, John Taylor and Sunny Frazier, my roommate...for Vegas anyway. Thanks to Sunny, we are being photographed and filmed by her pals Sherman and Larson who will edit their take into a video for us to use. Tomorrow morning we are meeting before the meeting to get some stand-ups done toward that end. Mr. DeMille...I'm ready for my closeup....


F. M. Meredith, author said...

I echo the statements about the PSWA Conference--so much fun!

Holli is a charmer and she has a wonderful family.

Wendy is a sweetheart.

Mike and John are super nice guys, loved meeting them!

Beverly popped in on Saturday, didn't have the chance to get acquainted with her as much as I'd have liked--maybe next year.

Billie is a wonderful publisher to hobnob with her authors as she did at the conference.

Marilyn a.k.a. F. M. Meredith

blauderdale said...

Thank you, Holli, for the remarks you made on the Setting panel. Unfortunately, I was only able to attend the PSWA Conference on Saturday and, unfortunately, I was
battling a froggy throat. By late afternoon the throat won, so I'm sorry I couldn't thank you in person for the insights you gave about New Orleans as a player in your novel.